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Sip and Swish at Goodboybob Coffee Roasters - AO Santa Monica Blog

Sip and Swish at Goodboybob Coffee Roasters

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There aren’t many places that serve oat milk lattes by day and cans of wine by night. Goodboybob Coffee Roasters is one of those rare gems. The coffeehouse/wine bar shifts its approach to beverages depending on the time of day, seamlessly transitioning from cold-brew coffee and avocado tartines to Caesar salads and bubbly vino.

If you swing by in the morning, savor a shot of the seasonally changing espresso or treat yourself to the customer favorite, an almond milk latte. You can also sip on chilled cold-brew coffee, which is steeped in-house, or make your Chai an iced beverage. Complement your morning drink with a simple pastry, perhaps the pain au chocolat, or one of the signature tartines on sesame sourdough bread. You might also want to try one of the signature chapatis, an Indian flatbread loaded with breakfast-appropriate ingredients. The Rolex features eggs and seasonal veggies, while the Wisco Disco showcases confit potatoes, organic cheddar, scallions, and eggs. If you opt to come by for a glass or can of wine, try the smoked chicken and baby kale salad or the XO Caesar with blood orange and fried shallots.

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