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Have You Tried the Mooncake at Sunmerry Bakery? - AO Santa Monica Blog

Have You Tried the Mooncake at Sunmerry Bakery?

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Sunmerry Bakery is a traditional Asian bakery with a menu full of delicious goodies and authentic bakery-style cakes, breads, and drinks that everyone either living in or visiting the area definitely needs to experience. Freshly baked treats are presented each morning and continue to be made fresh throughout the day for customers to enjoy while sipping authentic Asian-style beverages. 

One of the most popular bakery items is the Mooncake, which is a fluffy and delicious take on cake but with exotic flavors and colors. Try the fan-favorite rainbow-lotus-flavored mooncake or the exotic matcha red bean flavor for a new and exciting taste. You can also explore the many different cafe delights such as egg tarts, barbecue pork croquettes, green tea croissants, and even Chashu Bolo Buns. Also be sure to wash it down with one of the many different drink options this Asian-style bakery has to offer as well, such as the Oreo milk tea, brown sugar taro milk, or the ever-popular lemon cooler. 

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