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Crush Your Fitness Goals at Santa Monica Hip Hop Dance - AO Santa Monica Blog

Crush Your Fitness Goals at Santa Monica Hip Hop Dance

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Seasoned choreographer Lisa Kellogg has worked with the likes of Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown. She’s designed choreography for huge companies like Pepsi and Adidas. And she’s also choreographed routines for TV shows and movies. She’s bringing all of that expertise to her outdoor classes at Santa Monica Hip Hop Dance.

Tuesday through Sunday, Lisa hosts at least one class a day for novice dancers, usually around lunchtime and/or in the evening. Most of them are intro classes, meaning you need no prior experience in order to pick up the quick-paced hip hop moves set to equally upbeat music. If you used to dance but it’s been a while, these intro level classes are for you, too. Some of the sessions are “open level,” meaning they include some more challenging routines for the experienced dancer—but beginners will still be able to modify the moves to suit their needs. Find a class that suits your schedule (they’re appropriate for both teenagers and adults) and then sign up online. Lisa will send you the location of that day’s class in advance.


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