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Savor Extra-Spicy Fried Chicken at Tenkatori Sawtelle - AO Santa Monica Blog

Savor Extra-Spicy Fried Chicken at Tenkatori Sawtelle

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Seeking new experiences in honor of the new year? Grab takeout from Tenkatori Sawtelle tonight. The restaurant recently debuted its menu of classic Japanese cuisine with crispy karaage chicken as the cornerstone. This traditional type of fried chicken is artfully crafted at Tenkatori Sawtelle, according to some of its first customers, who say it’s “crisp, hot, and not too greasy.”

Stop by to grab some of the crispy chicken, which the chef marinates in an MSG-free sauce and then encrusts with a gluten-free batter. You can try it solo or in a bento box with some of the signature potato salad and a few other snacks, including green salad, Japanese pickles, and spicy cold noodles. The chicken comes dusted with different seasoning combinations, from sweet and spicy to sweet and sour, and you can opt for different parts and portions of the bird. Make sure you choose a house-made sauce that complements your selection! There’s the signature yuzu aioli, along with other options such as a sweet and spicy sauce and a spicy mayo sauce.

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