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Encourage Creative Play With Natural Toys From The Acorn Store - AO Santa Monica Blog

Encourage Creative Play With Natural Toys From The Acorn Store

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Whereas many toys for young children overwhelm the senses with loud noises and flashing lights, the classic playthings at The Acorn Store take a different approach to aid early childhood development. They favor simplicity to foster creativity in children, as opposed to triggering sensory overload.

That’s why the local toy store promises “natural toys and treasures.” Many of its products are handcrafted from wood, paying homage to an old-school toy-making technique. That includes elaborate dollhouses decorated with vibrant colors and intricate details—like balconies and kitchens with built-in furniture, even a doghouse and accompanying pooch in the front yard. The store sells plenty of wooden figures to accompany the dollhouses or play with all on their own. If your youngster is into dress-up, check out the huge inventory of dresses, tutus, and other costumes, including ample options for both genders. Play silks might also help your little ones achieve the desired look (or simply help to stimulate their sense of touch), while colorful books can help them create fantastical backstories. For kids who enjoy playing make-believe with dolls, don’t worry! The Acorn Store has this popular childhood staple in stock, too.

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