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Exercise Your Brain at the Escape Duck Escape Room

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Whether you’re looking to connect with your kids or foster an atmosphere of collaboration among coworkers, Escape Duck Escape Room can help. It offers a different kind of team-building activity with immersive brain teasers. It all begins when you pick your room and reserve it for your private party.

Escape Duck Escape Room routinely rotates the scenarios in its rooms, but the current options are “Sherlock’s Study” and “Masquerade Manor.” Rated three padlocks out of five (a system that tells you how difficult a room is), “Sherlock’s Study” plunges you into the world of mystery that surrounds Sherlock Holmes. The meticulously designed room actually looks like Sherlock’s own office and related scenes from the books. Once inside, you’ll have 60 minutes to follow a trail of clues that ultimately helps you to solve a mystery and “escape” or leads to a dead-end, at which point you’ll have to ask for some backup. The same goes for the more challenging “Masquerade Manor,” which transports you to a glitzy party where a crime has just occurred. Again, you’ll have one hour to figure out whodunnit or forfeit the game.

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